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B2K Smart Locker


Automated lockerbag system  

B2K Smart Locker is Metalprogetti’s innovative automated wardrobe solution to solve space and safety problems in staff changing rooms.
It consists in a lockerbag system for personal garments and other belongings, which associates each user with a personalized garment bag identified by a code.
This system replaces the lockers that are traditionally used in changing rooms, saves up to 70% space and offers a much higher safety level.
The lockerbag system is modular: each module consists of a conveyor that can store garment bags, with an automatic gate through which the user collects and returns his bag.
The garment bags come with different features, depending on the users’ requirements: they may for instance have pockets for small items and/or shoes, or an internal separation to keep workwear and personal clothes apart.
Every time the user wants to use the lockerbag system to collect or return his bag, he has to identify himself with his badge. If he is collecting his bag, the conveyor sets into motion and places the corresponding bag in front of the automatic gate, which will open to allow the user to retrieve the bag. When the user returns his bag, the automated wardrobe conveyor places the corresponding empty slot in front of the automatic gate, so that the user can hang his bag onto this slot.
The safety level is high: indeed, the lockerbag system has a device that prevents the user from having access to nearby bags both when retrieving and when returning his own bag on the automated wardrobe system.
Besides, every user’s access to the lockerbag system is registered in correspondance with the user data in the management software, which makes it possible to track all useful information.

Every access to the system (in/out) is registered in connection with the user
Modularity: the system can be expanded whenever the number of users increases
Most rational and advantageous use of the space available
Safety: device to prevent having access to nearby bags
Space saving (at least 50%) compared to lockers
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