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"The thoughts we had regarding the acquisition of the B2K system concerned several issues. We spent approximately 22 hours a week on handing out the work clothes to the employees, and we wanted to save that time. Then there was the issue of hygiene – it was not the optimal solution to have clean work clothes lying around in the different departments. And finally we considered the signal value of having an automated system. Our company uses only the newest technology and follows the highest hygiene standards. We would like to signal that in relation to our work clothes we also have a “state-of-the-art-solution". 

Carl Aage Mortensen, Purchaser, Faerch Plast A/S
Scheda Sintetica
paese: Danimarca
anno: 2002
utilizzatori: 1200
porte di distribuzione del pulito: 3
depositi dello sporco: 5
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