Immagine Odense Steel Shipyard - Mærsk

Odense Steel Shipyard - Mærsk

“Even though we are a demanding production company, the implementation of the B2K system was not a problem. If we look at the financial aspect, a major benefit is the logistics. We have minimized our inventory of work clothes; have more control, less waste and a much faster delivery of the clothes. But the biggest benefit has been that we have saved the minutes it earlier took an employee to get his work clothes during working hours. This has been a good investment with a short time of depreciation.”

Claus Christensen, Purchaser, Odense Steel Shipyard A/S
Scheda Sintetica
paese: Danimarca
anno: 2007
utilizzatori: 3000
porte di distribuzione del pulito: 8
depositi dello sporco: 4
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